QUYUE 取悦 passionfruit 百香果

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QUYUE  pod passionfruit is a aromatic fruit fragrance that smells so nice. A smooth flavor that is easily one of RELX users’ favorite!

The QUYUE pods for RELX 4th 5th Gen compatible pods will reignite your imagination with its wide variety of fresh flavors, guaranteed to satisfy you with its smooth and precise pod selection and ergonomic mouthpiece design.

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LANA Pod Specifications:

  • 3 x QUYUE Pod
  • 1.9mL pre-filled cartridge per pod

Find Your Favorite Flavor

QUYUE offers you a dazzling array of flavored vape pods. We have flavors perfect for every mood or personality. Each QUYUE Pod contains 2 milliliters of our special blend of glycerol, propylene glycol, rich flavoring, and nicotine salts. That’s enough fluid for approximately 650 pulls. Each QUYUE Pod pack contains three units, or almost 2,000 pulls.

Find your favorite flavor and savor the delicate experience only QUYUE Pod provides.


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